December 22, 2013




November 21, 2011

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Heads up Tumblr notice

November 13, 2011

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Ran out of steam.

November 6, 2011

There’s a huge gap between my posts almost all the time…
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An actual journal post about my life!

July 23, 2011

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July 3, 2011

I figured out our to use cuts, so now you don’t have to be blinded by horrible lines and spoilers! And I also learned how to alt-text those too *wink wink*.
This doesn’t stop me from rambling on and on about things you probably don’t care about and dumping massively in huge quantities, but if you’re still reading and keeping up with my posts you guys are too kind 8′)
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Protected: You can ask.

March 25, 2011

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1/1/11 Happy New Year!

January 1, 2011

And a Belated Christmas! UM I didn’t really post anything for weeks and I still haven’t but there are some things I want to talk about later. SO CONSIDER THIS JOURNAL ENTRY INCOMPLETE it’s like a to do list/bare bone summary.
-Fanart of fanfiction that I need to upload and link. Also Nukume Dori being updated after over a year with two huge ass took-an-hour-to-read chapters completely made my day do you notice I’m fangasming right now as I’m typing this I am.

-Phoenix Wright Big Bang and Post Secret Santa….Should I do it it’s during Spring semester bllargh.

-Maplestory Big Bang/doodles/friendships can endure for years. IBtrolling on Basil. I feel like I’m too old to be playing.
-Upload intro to ANM demo reel, even though it sucks ass.
-Guys it’s my birthday tomorrow I suck at organizing outings and parties and I should have planned something sooner and invited you guys but I didn’t sorry.
-I need to talk on Facebook more too. And clean my room. I’ll stop before this sounds like a list of regrets.

Dumping again.

November 19, 2010

I made two big old posts, one which is depressing with fun movies and another that is HAPPY and full of pretty pictures.
So I chopped them up and stuck them in one big messy pile.
I should probably just make a blogspot for just dumping artwork here, but all comics are autobiographical.

Because I draw most comics in the horizontal format you might have to click on them to read the small print.

…As you can see my life hasn’t been very interesting. Although there have been some pleasant blips.

During the Nickelodeon Industry on Campus meeting, it was pretty depressing to find out they don’t hire 2d animators. All their 2d stuff gets sent overseas where it’s cheaper in Korea. And after trying out the “Lambert the Sheepish Lion” headturn, I realized I’m too freaking lazy to animate inbetweens. the 50ish frames of the sack was fun. The nine frames of Lambert turning his head was not. Obviously work is not supposed to be fun and games, but I seriously was demotivated doing the assignment; wondering if I should just switch to the vicious overpopulated market of storyboarding or character designing, or step up and learn how to color and light settings. I enjoy building things I want, I enjoy animating things I want, so I’m just being selfish when I say I don’t want to do it for someone else. It feels like I keep second guessing the decisions I make in my life every step of the way.
I realized I didn’t put up my terrible CAPS demo reel from last Spring.

I pretty much lived in the lab for four days straight building/tweaking/animating my own character for the final. Even when my group was seriously behind their own characters (ffs I had to do the storyboard in 30 minutes in front of the teacher guys!), I went ahead and designed the sets just BECAUSE I COULD and not necessarily for the grade. Once you get the hang of it, 3d modeling is basically like sculpting without getting your fingers dirty/dry/dusty. Plus the Undo button is probably the best digital art tool ever.
Relating to the third comic: My sister sent me this a while ago.

The first thing I thought when I saw this was “Wow this person really is bad at being consistent with drawing.”
Then “Holy crap did this person draw every frame in here?”
Then “Wow this is amazing.” and proceeded to look up her site.
There is an amazing jump from her first animation in 2005, to her current “Sweet Dreams” and “Bottle”

And then I stumbled upon CartoonBrew again in her news roll.
And this article made me realized I’m not as ambitious as I should be. I checked out every commenter’s webpage who put it out, and I realized that I don’t work, I don’t have a concise demo reel. And I have no job experience whatsoever. Internships are even more important in animation because the biggest hurdle is showing you have work experience in a group and getting your foot in the door (while an MPT major complained that an “internship” on movie/tv sets just means fetching things and observing without actually getting your hand in anything).

Now that the drama part is out of the way. I’ve drawn several comics/pictures before about the first/third/fourth/fifth games as I was playing them, but now I’m doing a running commentary on the second game because I’ve never shown it the love it deserves. Here’s a handful.

And I thought, “I’ll post all the non spoilerish ones up” but I liked how this one turned out.

I really need to stop drawing so much Ace Attorney.

But I can’t help myself.

I really can’t.
I’ve gotten a lot lazier with details. To compensate, I BLAST ON THE COLORS.

This is a fill for this prompt on the Phoenix Wright Kink Meme. Surprisingly, despite some disturbing prompts with sex terms I have never heard of before stepping in here, almost all are well written/well drawn fills, and most that I bother to click are humor based/general/fluff/AU.

Now some Vindictus related things.

I’m extremely paranoid when I cross those bridges with randoms now. Thanks a lot you jerk.

To understand the next comic, you have to watch this first.

WOW. An NPC no one really cares about dies!1!
Of course playing this in voice chat probably did not help.

I actually had this weird glitch where when I’m the party leader, objects fly everywhere and every drop sinks to the floor before, but my party members at that time said they didn’t notice a thing. When I went with my guildmates, they immediately went, “WTF IS GOING ON??!” as huts were stapled to the ceiling and everything you could pick up would bounce to the sky or sink deep into the ground. Then my guild leader died and something interesting happened.

Play this along with the movie below!

(I’m the only spear Lann in the party.)
So on Skype: My guild leader, who is a fan of Code Geass, requested that I draw Lelouch.

She was horrified by my rendition of him:

It’s so hard to draw noodly people now.
Something random!

Despite using reference it doesn’t act very horse like.
I finally uploaded my 24 Hour Comic on dA! YOU CAN SEE IT IN ALL ITS TERRIBLE GLORY.

Anyway I haven’t really kept up with any anime series since Code Geass, but these look promising.

I think this is the only anime that is more consistent with the light novel than the manga AND that people consider the dub better than the original Japanese. Plus I hear everyone in that opening is considered a main character. Damn.

(I don’t know why but I imagine right now, Teresa, you are clawing your eyes out from this opening). I didn’t know there was an anime of this series until I was sitting next to my sister watching it with her. So far the subbed anime is ahead of the translated manga. It looks like every episode is one chapter, and you can tell they padded it if you compare, but it’s interesting padding, such as introducing us to the chauffeur and foreshadowing things that’ll happen. Their antics animated are even more hilarious, but sometimes even more cringe inducing. It reminds me of Ouran High School because of the EXCESS FLOWERS AND LUV.
Hourou Musuko

When I saw the stills when they announced it I was like “8| god that lighting on everyone’s hair and eyes is OVERKILL why couldn’t they kept the same style they did with Aoi Hana?”, now seeing it in motion it’s actually mimics the watercolor look of Shimura’s style along with the art style. Although I think the trailer is over dramatic, it’s nice (and surprising) to see that a series about transgender/sexuality is getting an anime.

Extra stuff:

And I know this is old news and I probably rubbed it in some people’s faces weeks ago BUT MY FANGIRL SAYS THIS MUST BE SHARED.

I understand why Gorillaz would do this since they’re an actual band and all but…what.

There are times when I feel like I’m going to spill.

October 18, 2010


It’ll fall everywhere. And it’ll make my life a mess.
It scares me sometimes.

For now, I’ll take comfort in another MMORPG. With the brief connection between strangers and nice people I’ve barely known for over a week.